The Fate Of Captain Cook’s Endeavour

Archaeologists are set to reveal plans on Wednesday to confirm if the site of five sunken ships in the United States contains that of HMS Endeavour (replica ship pictured in 1998), the ship sailed by Captain James Cook on his voyage of discovery to Australia and New Zealand

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The Clifton Club

22 The Mall
Bristol, UK

The last remaining example of the architecture of Francis Howard Greenway, the ‘Father of Australian Architecture’ in Great Britain. As an ex-convict, Greenway probably wouldn’t be welcome, at least at the time of construction.

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William Henshall, Counterfeiter, And The Australian ‘Holey Dollar’

Holey dollar is the name given to coins used in the early history of two British settlements: Prince Edward Island (now part of Canada) and New South Wales (now part of Australia). The middle was punched out of Spanish dollars, creating two parts: a small coin, known as a “dump” in Australia, and a “holey dollar”. This coin was one of the first coins struck in Australia. It was manufactured in Australia  by one William Henshall, a convict transported from England to Australia for the crime of … wait for it! … forgery.

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