Milford Sound/Fiordland


Fiordland is a high point of any visit to New Zealand. Cruise ships will generally visit Milford Sound

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Expect mainly Bottlenose Dolphins, there is a pod of about 60 in Milford Sound,  and maybe a couple of Dusky Dolphins (named for their colour, not he neighbouring Dusky Sound) in Milford Sound. The dusky dolphins are typically the smaller of the two.

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Below the surface, and interesting population of ‘black’ corals:


during the mating season (July to November), Fiordland Crested Penguins can be spotted:

Fiordland Crested Penguin

and, year ‘round, lollygagging Southern Fur Seals:


The Impact of Bacteria

Ever wonder how coral larvae decide where to settle down??

Here’s a study that found that certain bacteria influence marine larvae to settle to particular places on the sea floor, where they transform into juveniles and live out the rest of their lives
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We are living in a bacterial world, and it’s impacting us more than previously thought

Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report 2009



“Given the strong management of the Great Barrier Reef, it is likely that the ecosystem will survive better under the pressure of accumulating risks than most reef ecosystems around the world. However, even with the recent management initiatives to improve resilience, the overall outlook for the Great Barrier Reef is poor and catastrophic damage to the ecosystem may not be averted. Ultimately, if changes in the world’s climate become too severe, no management actions will be able to climate-proof the Great Barrier Reef ecosystem”

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Latest Research in Coral Bleaching

Researchers are gradually sorting out the many strands in the coral bleaching equation. Here are a few of the results: