Prof. Alan Wright & Wife Hilary

Lecturing on the 2012 ms Oosterdam Eclipse Cruise was Professor Alan Wright, late of the  Parkes Radio Telescope in Australia (

A radio astronomer, Alan had, at one time, the distinction of having sighted the furthest known object in the universe.

Here he is talking with Sir (Saint?) Patrick Moore:



Author of 300+ articles, he is especially pleased by his elucidation of red shift in the book he authored with his wife Hilary, ‘At the Edge of the Universe’

Lawrence M. Krauss


Who would be lecturing to the Sky and Telescope contingent on the ms Oosterdam’s Solar Eclipse cruise than Professor Lawrence M. Krauss of Arizona State University

Author of my favourite book on current frontiers in physics:image

a marvellous voyage through modern physics…..

His lectures were spectacular!

Lawrence M. Krauss (as an Undergraduate) Meets Richard Feynman

Krauss Feynman

You have to love the expression on Feynman’s face, part bemusement, part encouragement, part ‘OK Kid, Show Me Something’ critical thinker. What a gift to an emerging talent!!

Later , of course, Krauss became a name in Physics in his own right: 

One gets the feeling that Krauss retained more than a physics lesson from this experience and modeled Feynman’s mentoring, now encouraging the emerging talents that cross his path.


Krauss’ book on/homage to Feynman:


And a wonderful lecture, reminding me of my undergraduate days when we all wanted to be Richard Feynman

Lecture here seen on The Science Foundation’s youtube channel