Thanks For the Memories!

Dan Easter Island Lecture 2014-01



We have both received extraordinary levels of support from our sea going audiences over the last year.

Top picture is from the ms Marina, cruising the South Pacific, and the lower on the ms Zuiderdam, cruising the Panama Canal.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your support, and we hope that we see you again, soon, somewhere on the high seas!!

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch …


We trumpet players were whooping it up at The Sweetwater Music Horns A Plenty Brass Festival.

I was lucky enough to participate in a performance of an antiphonal work by Gabrielli originally composed for performance at Basilica di San Marco in Venice. Better yet, alongside former Canadian Brass and Teatro alla Scala  principal trumpet Stuart Laughton.

Thrill of a lifetime material.

Hopefully some of the brass magic was transferred to me by osmosis or something …

The People You Meet: Carvel "Bill" Graham, PC QC


Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of National Defense, and Leader of the Opposition and interim Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Bill was the Minister of Foreign Affairs during the Iraq war and has very interesting first hand insights into the events of the time. A book appears to be in the offing…

(One ice cube, by the way, if he ever drops around…)

The People You Meet: Alwyn Wright, Violin Virtuoso


Alwyn  is a first call studio musician around Los Angeles recording with everybody, including Paul McCartney at one point. Sometimes she is classical, playing with Yo Yo Ma, and some times she is pop going on the road with Rod Stewart and, more recently Josh Grobin.

The last time we saw her, she was disembarking at Valparaiso, and jumping on the overnight flight to LA to rehearse Josh Grobin’s new show the following morning at 10am. It all worked out and the results ended up on a PBS ‘Live From Lincoln Center’ special. 

For more about Alwyn, and some REALLLLLLY nice music (I love her performance of ‘Oblivion’ on her recent CD!!) click here.

The People You Meet: Dick Jeppson


Dick was indeed the last person I thought I’d meet.

Worked with the Nobel Prize winning physicist Luis Alvarez. Engaged in some research on gems stones early in his career, he noticed that they sparkled when subjected to high energy radiation. The rubies were, of course, lasing and Dick just missed being the discoverer of lasers. Alvarez used to kid him about it all the time…… but that is not why you know him. Dick was aboard the B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay on August 6, 1945, and somewhere over the Pacific went back to arm the detonation device on ‘Little Boy’. Recalling the famous mission, he said that, from the perspective of the cockpit,  it was a non-event: ‘Just another milk run’. Later, Dick went on the to run a company that produced linear accelerators for medical purposes.

Prof. Alan Wright & Wife Hilary

Lecturing on the 2012 ms Oosterdam Eclipse Cruise was Professor Alan Wright, late of the  Parkes Radio Telescope in Australia (

A radio astronomer, Alan had, at one time, the distinction of having sighted the furthest known object in the universe.

Here he is talking with Sir (Saint?) Patrick Moore:



Author of 300+ articles, he is especially pleased by his elucidation of red shift in the book he authored with his wife Hilary, ‘At the Edge of the Universe’

Lawrence M. Krauss


Who would be lecturing to the Sky and Telescope contingent on the ms Oosterdam’s Solar Eclipse cruise than Professor Lawrence M. Krauss of Arizona State University

Author of my favourite book on current frontiers in physics:image

a marvellous voyage through modern physics…..

His lectures were spectacular!