Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels

A poem in honour of the porters on the Kokoda Track during the WWII hostilities:

Many a mother in Australia when the busy day is done
Sends a prayer to the Almighty for the keeping of her son
Asking that an angel guide him and bring him safely back
Now we see those prayers are answered on the Owen Stanley Track.

For they haven’t any halos, only holes slashed in their ears
And their faces worked by tattoos with scratch pins in their hair
Bringing back the badly wounded just as steady as a horse
Using leaves to keep the rain off and as gentle as a nurse

Slow and careful in the bad places on the awful mountain track
The look upon their faces would make you think Christ was black
Not a move to hurt the wounded as they treat him like a saint
It’s a picture worth recording that an artist’s yet to paint

Many a lad will see his mother and husbands see their wives
Just because the fuzzy wuzzy carried them to save their lives
From mortar bombs and machine gun fire or chance surprise attacks
To the safety and the care of doctors at the bottom of the track

May the mothers of Australia when they offer up a prayer
Mention those impromptu angels with their fuzzy wuzzy hair
– Bert Beros, Australian Digger


The Guns of Bora Bora (Operation Bobcat)


Bora Bora was a logistical center during WWII.

Code named ‘Operation Bobcat’ the wheels were set in motion less than a month after Pearl Harbor.


The below is the peninsula to the left when facing Viatape  from your anchorage at Bora Bora, in the general vicinity of the ‘Viatape’ lettering on the map above:


Just to the right from the right-hand tree in the notch you can pick off a picture of the guns with a telephoto lens:


Having clamored up the slope to the guns, the view from the gun pointing out to the harbor entrance:


The view from the gun pointing over the old military port:


This is one of 4 installations on the island. None were ever fired during the war.

The Battle of Coronel: Sunday November 1, 1914


The above picture is of Graf Spee’s squadron leaving Valparaiso November 3, 1914 following the battle.

Fichier:Battle of Coronel.jpg

A German postcard of the thick of the battle

Web references for the Battle of Colonel:

Colonel Memorial

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The Scharnhorst

The German Ships