Kokoda Front Line: Academy Award Winning Documentary


Damien Parer’s Academy Award winning short film. Click Through Here


US Naval War College Website

US Naval War College Logo

Thanks to the former Academic Dean of the US Naval War College, Captain Howard Burdick (Ret), here’s a link to the US Naval College website: www.usnwc.edu

Photograph (c) 2008 by Onne van der Wal Photography, Inc. Used with permission.

There are any number of informative articles in the Naval War College Review, and one in particular, Asymmetric Warfare at Sea, gives a great outline of the starting positions of the US and Japan prior to WWII in addition to a detailed recount of  the Naval Battles off Guadalcanal, 1942–1943.

I was fortunate to meet with Howard on the ms Rotterdam en route to Lima, Peru, and we discussed a number of the points I bring up in my military lectures: Click Here

Thanks Howard!!!!

WWII: The Complete History


A video reference:

WWII: The Complete History is an interesting second tier compilation of significant events of World War II. The format of short segments, basically chronologically presented is fine and is actually somewhat welcome in being brief; each in a manner a “short story.” The actual footage helps in giving a sense of place and circumstance, but there are many “repeat” sections used to fill in spots as the narrative goes on. There is a distinct bias in the perspective taken, which is very much from an American point of view.