PBS ‘American Experience’ Panama Canal Episode

Panama Canal

Click Here for the PBS documentary. In this author’s humble view, it tells only half the story, as those of you who have attended my presentations can attest.

Another choice is the PBS Nova documentary ‘A Man, A Plan, A Canal’ 

New Scientist

Meanwhile, New Scientist has published a report that suggests that the Panama is overdue for a big earthquake. Click here. The Panama Canal Authority characterizes the article as being “an erroneous, alarmist and editorialised analysis of sound research “.

Not that Scientific America hadn’t covered that ground on October 18, 1913:


For a 600 page Diplomatic History of the Panama Canal Click Here

The People You Meet On Holland America: Two Charming Ladies Sailing for the Panama Canal and the Amazon

Willie (left) was with the Office of Public Affairs for the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) for 28 years, and was Director for the last 10 ending in 1998. Willie is a treasure trove of anecdotes concerning the Panama Canal and all things Panamanian. More about Willie here.  Check out the books by her son, William, one of which is the the Resource Material list for my lecture series…

Mary (right) was a senior executive assistant to the high brass of the Southern Command based in Panama and had a ringside seat to the turbulent Noriega years.

No shortage of dinner conversation topics here on the ms Veendam!!!